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Inspiration for 4 Elements project came unexpectly whilst passing by a huge landfill full of thrown out goods. This hill of dust depicted the white sand dunes in Nida, Lithuania. Astonishing and shocking parallel between these two locations lit an idea for this video and shoot. 4 real life sisters - Dalia, Sigita, Ausra and Ieva portray the primal elements of earth, water, air and fire as the Mother Earth suffers from from rapidly increasing consumption of the mankind.
Attitude is a little thing that makes big differences and the change begins with each of us individually.


Since 2012 Salanida is following slow and mindful fashion path, led by Gabriele Kerpyte. Gabriele is Lithuanian designer, a graduate of Istituto Marangoni in London and Polimoda in Florence. The essence of Salanida brand is simplicity and sustainability. Handmade and soft to the touch, each garment is made upon order generating no waste. All pieces are made with artisanal knitting machines and sewn by hand at a small studio in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Salanida knits are effortless and created to be timeless - designed with a modern twist, promising to hug your body with toasty comfort that will bring you joy for many years to come.

You are probably wondering, what does SALANIDA stand for?

Nida is a little town on the coast of Lithuania. Surrounded by white sand dunes, ancient woods,  and windswept amber beaches, this enchanting place entices reflection and inspiration. It's a tranquil sanctuary away from the bustling world. Here, time seems to slow down - just enough to remind us to appreciate the little things in life. 

Nida -Inspiration for Salanida