First, I am a blessed mother of twin girls.
Secondly, a lucky woman to do what I'm passionate about.

I was brought up in my mom's manufacturing company in Lithuania where I got hooked up with fashion at an early age. I later studied Fashion at Istituto Marangoni in London and Polimoda in Florence. Maybe it was my naivety to start my own fashion label or it might have been the soft alpaca yarn that I found while studying in Florence.

                                                                                 Gabriele Kerpyte


In times of hectic rush, Salanida is about slowing down and taking a conscious choice. We aim to encourage people to choose less but better. Have less stuff and more time for ourselves, our children, parents, friends, books or even sleep.

We create warm, natural and unique knits that last long. Each sweater is knitted by talented Ilona from a to z. We use domestic knitting machines and finish each piece sewing by hand. We work with natural luxurious wools and our pieces are produced in very small quantities, mainly knit-to-order and also they can be customized to better meet our client's needs. We aim to create knitwear that is more special, exclusive and craft-fully made so great energy is put into every stitch of each knit. 


Stitch by stitch and row by row - that's how Salanida knits are made by hand. We carefully select natural yarns from which knitted products are warm, soft and itch-free. Mainly we work with prime materials like Alpaca and Merino wool that are suitable for most sensitive skin. The main criteria in choosing yarn for Salanida sweaters is its natural composition and softness. We experiment a lot with new materials and aim to source down the best sustainable yarns.

You probably wonder why SALANIDA?

It's the place of inspiration. Nida is a tiny town full of white sand dunes, windy amber beaches, wild forests and little inner adventures.
I come here to escape from the rushing world. I feel that time here stops for a moment reminding of what’s most important in life.
See it and feel it yourself. You will love it. Promise.